Baby Shower Program Ideas

Sit back and relax while reading this article about planning a baby shower and having it done the most organized way possible.

Traditionally, to arrange baby shower programs have been given by anybody close to the mom-to-be, like Grandmothers-to-be, cousins, friends, co-workers or any other next of kin to mom. Sometimes more than one host will give the shower to defray costs and responsibilities.

\"baby Shower\"

- Who should be invited to the shower

The mother-to-be should be the one to choose the guest list as it is her day. If the shower is to surprise her , a close relative or friend should help plan the list. Actually anyone who is close to the mom-to-be, cousins, friends, Grandmothers-to-be and other relatives are invited to help celebrate the new arrival. (Friends of dad usually do't attend the party it depends on the father-to-be if he prefers.)

- When should the shower be held?

Traditionally baby showers are held in the last trimester in the mother-to-'s pregnancy stage, 6-8 weeks before the due date. Showers may also be held after the baby is born. Some people prefer rather to have a post partum baby shower so they can get personalized baby gifts and given and the correct size and color. Another reason is because everybody can meet the newborn, who is actually part of the party.

- Invitations

A written invitation is the best way to inform people about the shower. It contains all the specifics they need to know to plan and to fit it into their schedule.

- who the baby shower program is being given for,
- location
- address
- time
- host/hosts name
- a deadline for RSVP and where to mail it to
- girl or boy, only if mom-to-be wishes the information

shared and gift registry information,
- Direction to the baby shower
- Food Served at the Baby Shower

Finger food is usually served

punch and sodas are most common drinks at the party

As a respect for the mom-to-be alcohol is not served

Thank You Note Drawing

As guests arrive to the baby shower, they fill out envelopes with their name and addresses and place them in a basket. Later the mom-to-be draws out an envelope for the winner of the door prize. The mom-to-be then can use the envelopes when mailing out her thank you notes later. We hope you will enjoy all this information. Now you can gear up and start planning on your next baby shower, congratulations!

Baby Shower Program Ideas