Thank You Notes - Five Sample Letters You Can Copy and Helpful Tips, Too

Thank you notes and thank you cards are a snap with these easy-to-use, ready-to-copy samples. Sharing gratitude with a short card or note is a great way to let the people in your life know you care. It is also a great way to let your customers and business contacts know that you are conscientious and thoughtful.

Here are a few quick tips for you to remember when sending thank you notes:

\"Baby Shower Thank You\"

o Use the word "you" more than the word "I." It puts the focus on the person you are thanking.

o Hand write your thank you notes. If you have poor handwriting, then type business and job interview letters, however, nothing beats the impact of handwritten note or card.

o Send your thank you notes via post and not Email.

o Mail your notes right away. For job interviews, mail the notes the same day and make sure each person you interviewed with gets his or her own uniquely worded letter.

The five most requested thank you notes are for the job interview thank you letter, business thank you note, funeral thank you note, baby shower thank you card wording, and wedding thank you samples. The bodies of the thank you notes are provided below.

Sample Job Interview Thank You Letter

Thank you for meeting with me yesterday to discuss the (insert name of position) at (Insert Name of Company). Your detailed explanation of the position furthered my already considerable interest in working with you (or if you did not interview with someone you will be working directly insert Name of Company). Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

Business Thank You Letter

Thank you for choosing (Insert name of your company). Your business is appreciated, and we are proud to be your new (insert your service or product) provider (alternative words also company). Thanks again.

Funeral Thank You Note Sample

Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Your generosity and support during this difficult time is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

Baby Shower Thank You Note Wording Sample

Thank you for the adorable (insert gift). Little (insert name of future child) will love it. You are a kind a generous friend. Thanks again.

Wedding Thank You Note Samples

Thank you so much for the lovely (insert gift). It will look perfect in our (insert room of the house). We will think of you every time we use it. Thanks again.

A short letter of thanks will brighten someone's day and give you more to be thankful for. By the way, thank you for reading this article.

Thank You Notes - Five Sample Letters You Can Copy and Helpful Tips, Too

Go here for more free, ready to copy thank you notes. Christy Murphy is the creator of which provides free, ready-to-copy sample thank you notes for all occasions, including baby showers, along with other practical tools to demonstrate and attract gratitude in every day life. She is a writer, public speaker, and comedian, who has been featured on numerous television shows including CNN's Showbiz Today, Australia's Seven News, and CBS News in the U.S.

Thank You Note Examples For Anniversaries

Have an anniversary coming up? Great! Use these thank you note examples to write your spouse a lovely letter to commemorate your love and devotion. The following thank you note example was written for couples who have been together for a while. You've established a history together. Your love has likely grown and matured.

Thank You Note Examples for Wedding Anniversaries

\"Baby Shower Thank You\"

Happy anniversary, darling.

Thank you for 10 marvelous years of your love. I wanted to remind you that I am as devoted to you today as I was on the day we were married. You have become such a big part of my life. I can't imagine being without you.

Throughout the day, I find my thoughts often turning toward you. I can hardly wait to come home to you each night. You are my love and my life. Your strength has helped to guide me through some very difficult times. Thank you for that, and for always being there for me.

Remember that I am here for you too; always. I am still so in love with you, darling. And I look forward to our growing old together.

Forever yours,

The following thank you note example is for a couple who has only been married for one to three years. Often, couples in this stage of marriage experience a lot of friction. If they hang in there, however, their relationship generally gets much better over time.

Thank You Note Example for Newlyweds

My dearest _________________:

It's true. Over this first year together, we have been through a lot of ups and downs. Like most new couples, we have had our share of good and bad times. Still, I love you with all of my heart.

There are many things about you that I don't yet understand. I know at times you must feel the same.  I'm glad we made it this far. I want you to know that I remain committed to you, and our marriage.  Things won't always be easy, I know. But I will always strive to listen without judging; and to support you even when I don't agree with you. You are the great love of my life, and you mean more to me each day.

Happy anniversary, my love.

Thank You Note Examples For Anniversaries

Interested in more thank you note examples for personal use? If so, check out Julie's sample thank you note wording page.

How To Write Baby Shower Thank You Poems Into Special Gifts From Your Heart

Where are the cutest baby shower thank you poems? Don't you know the best thank you poems lie somewhere deep in your imagination?

Yes, you, even you can write baby shower poems for the guests - the greatest gift to thank for their coming for the arrival of the little one!

\"Baby Shower Thank You\"

And be relax, don't be surprise, that writing a thank you poem isn't that hard.

You can write a poem to express your appreciation to the guests for the delicious food and punch they brought to the party, for their creativity in participating the games, for their sentimental messages written on the scrapbook, for their help to co-host such a time-consuming party to pamper the parents-to-be.

At least, each guest has done something special for the baby shower and for you, the shower host. So why not use the baby shower itself to be the main topic of your baby shower thank you poems?

Well, since most of the shower hosts are running everything in hurry, to save time, my suggestion is: Seek out some good written thank you poems from internet (of course you must like them first), or you could take a few more time searching through your local libraries and book stores.

Then replace some sentences according to what you want to say, and use them as the verse for your printable baby shower thank you cards.

Anyway, I found there are many cute baby shower poems during my voyages in cyberspace. Whenever I need write a new poem, I just a little of my creativities, a very personal poetry to say thank you is right there!

Since baby thank you poems are usually attached to a shower favor for the guests to take home with them, why don't add something related to the baby shower theme?

One of the cutest baby shower ideas is to let the baby "thank" the guests - thought the little one is still on the way, the party is just for him(her)! And who can't be touched by a lovely baby's voice?

And before cut the special yummy shaped baby shower cake, add some cute baby shower thank you verses, as the cake inscription, onto the cake to create lots of tears and joys.

How about write with "I want to be a bright child, as smart as I can be. From your favorite storybook, please sign your name for a baby books' shower. Or even write part of your baby poems in backward for a winnie the pooh baby shower. The ideas are endless!

How ever your ideas could be, remember this: baby shower thank you poems are very personal expressions to communicate. Just make a point that you can touch guests' heart in an emotional way.

How To Write Baby Shower Thank You Poems Into Special Gifts From Your Heart

Looking for more unique baby shower sayings to say thank you? Qing and Cindy share with you many unique experiences of using some baby shower thank you cards that mom-to-be and Shower guests will surely love to enjoy.

They've also setup a cool online community for web savvy Shower hostess to share their baby shower party ideas and photos so that Shower beginners can get inspired from these original party ideas.

Baby Shower Thank You Poem

Poems are a good way of expressing the innermost feelings that usual talk may not be able to bring out clearly. This is why they are suitable for almost all situations in life that require deep understanding of issues. Simple or complex, these verses have a way of driving a point home in a simple yet dramatic way.

When it comes to saying 'thank-you', poems are a great way to go. Needless to say, you do not need to use so many words, but all the same the point will be driven home and probably will be remembered for a longer period of time than when you just say it plainly. Think of how deeply you want to express your gratitude and just portray that on a card. Personalize it for each person and you will have plenty of smiles coming your way.

\"Baby Shower Thank You\"

After hosting a party for example a baby shower, it is common courtesy that you should give a vote of thanks to your guests as they leave. Maybe to break the monotony, you can have a card with a thank-you message for each of your guest and have them read them out aloud in front of everyone else. Alternatively, you can have one big card with a baby shower thank-you poem for everyone present.

To make it more interesting, you could put down the baby shower poem as though it was the unborn baby saying 'thanks' to everyone for preparing to receive him into the world. Then you can have the poem recited by one of the young children that are in the party. Be sure to keep it original and interesting.

Baby Shower Thank You Poem

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Thank You Poems - Six Original Poems to Say Thank You

Thank you poems are a great way to say thank you. Here are a few original verses I wrote for you to use in your thank you cards, scrapbook pages or to Email to someone in your life to let he or she know you appreciate them.

Use this non-rhyming verse to say thank you around the holiday season. Great for family holiday cards or to print into wedding thank you cards.

We would like to extend
our deepest gratitude to you
for the joy and warmth
you bring into our lives.

\"Baby Shower Thank You\"

This poem is ideal to say thank you to a friend for a favor or loan.

For going beyond the call of duty
For Friendship that knows no bounds
Once again, like so many times before,
Your generosity astounds.

Say thank you to Mom and Dad with this poem. There are a million times you can say thanks to your parents such as helping you pay off your college loan, a graduation gift, helping with the wedding, loaning you money, helping decorate the baby's room and more.

Thank you, Mom.
Thank you, Dad.
Three small words.
So much to add.
For all your love
and your support
a million words
would be too short.

Use this baby shower thank you poem for you baby gift thank you cards:

I wanted to say thank you.
Daddy says thank you, too.
Baby will say thanks I'm sure
right around when he/she turns two.

Do you have volunteers working for you? Say thank you with this poem:

With gratitude in our hearts
for your contributions to our cause,
we wanted to thank you with this card
as our personal round of applause.

If you have had an anniversary party, dinner, birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower, housewarming party, well, hey any kind of party, this thank you for coming poem will do the trick:

We appreciate your attendance
on our special date
to share in our happiness
and help us celebrate.

I hope you enjoy these poems to say thank you and your thoughtful card brings someone a happy smile. Thank you for reading this.

Thank You Poems - Six Original Poems to Say Thank You

Visit Thank You Poems for more free, ready-to-copy poems and Thank You Notes for wedding, funerals, baby showers and more. Christy Murphy is the creator of My-Thank-You-Site.Com She is a writer, public speaker, and comedian, who has been featured on numerous television shows including CNN's Showbiz Today, Australia's Seven News, and CBS News in the U.S. Thank you for reading her bio.

Baby Shower Thank You

What is the best way to show your gratitude after the baby shower? With a considerate baby shower thank you? Whether you think the baby shower was a success or not you have to thank your friends and family who took the time out for you and your baby.

Now, it doesn't have to be an excessive thank you, however what you should do should be personalized by you. You are anyway the best person to do it, because you know what the people gave you, and maybe you also know something about them personally.

\"Baby Shower Thank You\"

You could use your computer to create the cards, but that could take a lot of your time. And while you might have time before the baby comes, you might use the free time better hat you should write on the cards.

There are many places where you can get the cards from, one being your living room. Thanks to the Internet it is now possible to browse cards in many shops and choose what is the most appropriate for you. Then just place the order and get the cards delivered to your home.

While this might take one or two days before you have the cards in your hand, you can rest assured that you have done the right choice. And most likely nobody of your friends will have seen any cards like yours.

This is the ground work for your baby shower thank you, and it will make is very special for your friends and family.

Maybe you do need a little inspiration for the text on the cards? Try some of these for a start. In fact what you can do is to take out some paper and copy them all down, to get your writing going. And try to improve them on the way.

This is what many authors do as well. Often they discard the first couple of sentences they have written.

So here we go:

"Thank you very much for the wonderful gift." You might want to improve this one by actually mentioning what the gift was. "Thank you very much for the wonderful slumber bear, I am sure it will be appreciated by our little one"

"We really appreciate the lovely gift and would like to express our sincere gratitude." Also in this one you could include something about the gift. Like this "We really appreciate the lovely aquarium mobile and would like to express our sincere gratitude." Not a lot changed, but now it is personal. Now the guest will know that you have noticed their gift.

Here are some others phrases for inspiration.

"We really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thank you so much for the lovely gift."

"It is exactly what we needed. Thank you for the gift."

Your gift could not be more appreciated.

"Your gifts and friendship bring us much pleasure and we treasure it a lot. Thank You"

Baby Shower Thank You

Marisa Meidle is an expert in all aspects of Baby Showers. For more of her ideas you can visit her Baby Shower Thank You page.

Baby Poems For Saying What's on Your Heart

Baby poems and baby shower poems can express any sentiment. Whether sweet, funny, or loving, poems are an ideal way to say what's on your heart. And if you need some help with what to say, online you can find everything you're looking for having to do with poems and baby shower poems.

Anyone can write a baby poem, and everyone enjoys reading them, young and old. Poems are wonderful to include on baby shower invitations or birth announcements. Baby shower poems can have rhythm and rhyme, but they certainly don't have to.

\"Baby Shower Thank You\"

Poems can be either long or short, but short is probably best for your typical baby shower needs. Poems can be sentimental, sappy or sweet. Poems can be original and creative or standard and more traditional. Don't hesitate to add a little humor as well!

Either way, all baby shower poems are appropriate for welcoming the newborn and honoring the birth mother or mother to be.

The people who are most often touched by poems are those who have had children themselves. Sweet poems can remind them of the time when their little ones were still young.

No one will appreciate them more than the family members themselves. If you are a creative writer or have a special talent for putting words together in a special way, then you should try writing your own baby shower poems. This would make a great gift idea as well.

If you really like the poem you've written, it can be framed and displayed as a wonderful memento or keepsake. Years later when the baby has grown, think of how special they will feel knowing the words that were written were just for them.

Sample Poems

Baby Shower:

Special people all around
Love and happiness abound
Babies, presents, cake, flower
Thank you for the baby shower

Thanks for all the work you've done
To welcome our new precious son

Baby Poem:
Teeny, tiny little toes
Small and round little nose
A precious gift from heaven above
My sweet baby that I love

We've longed to see you face to face
And we've prepared a special place
Just for you, our baby

If you are not the creative type - don't worry! There are lots of places that you can look online for poems to say just the thing you want to say.

Poems have been written on all subjects throughout the ages, and baby poems and baby shower poems are no exception. A quick search online doesn't have to take any time at all.

But if you decide to write your own baby poems, even common things can inspire you. Inspiration can be found anywhere. Look to your own memories from the past. What was special about your childhood?

What special object have you treasured over the years? What words of wisdom or advice could you pass on to the next generation? Look around the house and imagine a baby being there. What do you see, hear, or feel?

Let those thoughts be the source of your best baby poems. You do not have to write like Shakespeare, you just have to be sincere.

There are also poems for saying thank you to the guests for coming to the shower, and thanking them for the gifts they may have given.

Common baby poem themes are often safety, peace, love and happiness. When a baby is born, it is a time to reflect on the meaning of life and what is really important in life. Whether you are religious or not, baby poems can be written as simple prayers or encouragement.

Who hasn't heard the famous lines - "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep"? Baby poems have been the source of many needlepoint crafts and have been given as cherished baby gifts and will continue to be for years to come. Why not add baby shower poems or baby poems to your next newborn celebration?

Baby Poems For Saying What's on Your Heart

© Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved.

Randy currently has websites dealing with Baby Furniture Reviews [] and Shaving & Hair Removal.

Famous Thank You Quotes

Famous thank you quotes are great to use when you need some help with thank you note wording. The problem can be in knowing how and when to use them.

Take this quote by Marcel Proust:

\"Baby Shower Thank You\"

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."

This is a great quote to use for your high school French or English teacher who wrote you a good college recommendation, your well-educated cousin who drove three hours through heavy snow to pick you up at the airport, or a college professor who recommended you for a fellowship.

It's probably not the best famous thank you quote to use when thanking the friend who showed you a wild night out on the town.

Maybe you know someone at work who has never done anything huge for you. But he or she always brightens your day with consistent small acts of kindness or just a general good attitude. If not for this person, your work place would be less enjoyable - even though he or she never does anything major or huge, that is recognized.

Perhaps one day you'd like to recognize the person with a thank you note. What famous thank you quotes could you use? Here is one quote you could try by Henry Clay:

"Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating heart."

This will show your appreciation, and help the recipient to feel good about themselves. Not only is their constant good attitude recognized, but recognized with sophisticated words as well!

Of course, some people feel slightly embarrassed by direct thank you words - especially if you know someone who's a bit on the macho or non-expressive side.

What kind of thank you card quotes would you need in this case? Humor could definitely work here.

How about:

"Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings."

Then close the card with, "Thank you for your warm feelings of friendship."

(Of course, you've got to be careful with off-color quotes like this. Only use them with the closest of friends, and only if it fits their sense of humor!)

There are a variety of famous thank you quotes you can find on the internet and use to help you make your cards memorable and fun!

Famous Thank You Quotes

At a loss for words? Feel free to copy and paste for all occasions any of the famous thank you quotes and free thank you card quotes you find at the Thank You Note Wording website.

Awesome Free Baby Shower Games: Crossword Puzzle, Word Search and Word Scramble

Have you been raking your brain for a fun baby shower game that you can find or make for free. The best free baby shower games can easily be made and customized by you! By following the ideas and advice below you can easily make three great baby shower games in less then an hour. These include making a baby shower Crossword Puzzle, a Word Search and a Word Scramble.

One of the reasons that games are so useful at a baby shower is they are great small time fillers. For example you want filler for that awkward time between the first guest arriving and the rest of the guests arriving. Often one or two of the guests that come early have to sit around and twiddle there thumbs and if they don't already know each other this can be really painful to watch and crash your party before it ever gets started. Elementary school teachers know that to keep people paying attention you need some quick activity to draw them in and get them involved. You also want some games at your disposal that are just in case have an extra few minute types of games. You don't want to expend a ton of effort or money on these extra games but boy are they handy if the food arrives late or there is some other catastrophe that needs to be taken care of. Simply hand the guests one of these pre-made activities and then you can be free to take care of whatever might arise.

\"baby Shower\"

Well, the cheapest, easiest and quickest way to get some fun extra free baby shower games is to look online. Yet we are not advocating you look for free baby shower games. Instead take a little time and do some searching around for a puzzle maker. Teachers use these all the time in the classroom to generate a crossword or word search with the new vocabulary for the lesson they just taught. It makes great homework and good time filler also. So look online for a crossword creator or a word search maker. Discover Channel has a great free puzzle maker for teachers that can also be used for making baby shower games.

Once you have found the puzzle generator it is pretty easy to simply plug in the word that fit with the baby shower. Part of the fun of these is to personalize the words and make them relevant to the baby shower. So things like the Mother and Fathers name. The baby's due date or possible name. Then you can also use some generic baby things like bottle, rattle, formula, crib and so on. The more specific and personalized you can be the better. This can also serve as somewhat of an ice breaker activity. As the guests fill out the crossword puzzle or word search they learn more about the parents to be.

Now that you have generated a crossword puzzle and have you words in you can easily go in and create other activities using the puzzle creator. Next you will want to add some finishing touches and spice things up a bit. You can do this by copying the crossword puzzle or word search and then pasting it into your text editor like word and etc. Then add a few little piece of clip art to really add a final touch.

Then you will want to either print a copy for every guest or have it copied at a local copy or office supply shop. You can keep these in a folder ready to go and then just pull them out when you need them.

Awesome Free Baby Shower Games: Crossword Puzzle, Word Search and Word Scramble

Free 5 day Baby Shower Planning email course. Free bonuses included for signing up. You can also read more articles and advice on Free Baby shower Games.

Homemade Baby Shower Centerpieces For Your Next Baby Shower

Whether you are making homemade baby showers centerpiece for the food table or the gift table, you can easily come up and create you own masterpiece. Creativity goes a long way and saves a lot of money! When you begin brainstorming centerpiece ideas, revert back to your overall theme. If the mommy-to-be is having a boy and you have a shower that focuses on all the different sports, then maybe you could have a toy wagon or Tonka truck full of toddler sport equipment. If it is a beautiful baby girl that is expected them you could Care Bears in Diapers as their pastel colors would be perfect.

For the food table, your centerpiece should be your cake, or a diaper cake. A diaper cake is a non-edible creative "cake" made of diapers with baby shower gifts attached to it. You can place it in a cake dish if you would like for an added effect. The diaper cake would look just as great on the gift table and can serve as both a gift and a centerpiece. You could also place miniature pacifiers, bottles, or carriages, (found at your local Dollar Tree), around the food table. Another cute idea for the food table include a basket lined with a clean baby receiving blanket and filled with cookies. For the final touch to the "cookie basket" add a bottle filled with pastel colored m&m's! If your theme involves rubber ducks, why not add a baby bathtub filled with punch to your food table with floating rubber ducks.

\"baby Shower\"

For the centerpiece of the guest's tables, you could use:

  • Candles shaped like baby bottles
  • Remove the nipple from baby bottles and use the base as a vase; insert fresh or artificial flowers
  • Remove the nipple from the baby bottle and insert candy
  • Styrofoam Baby Bootie Cups - these are adorable baby booties made from styrofoam cups that you can insert mints, jelly beans, etc. in.
  • Alphabet Blocks

The gift table could easily go without a centerpiece for an inexpensive baby shower as it is likely to be bright and colorful with all the wrapped gifts. As stated earlier, the diaper cake would be perfect. Other great ideas include:

  • Diaper wreath - this could also be hung on the delivery room door
  • Balloons - by themselves or attached to a diaper stuffed animal or floral arrangement
  • Floral arrangement

Making your own centerpiece is easier than you think and you will wow your guests and yourself with these great ideas.

Homemade Baby Shower Centerpieces For Your Next Baby Shower

Maleshia Cave loves sharing inexpensive baby shower ideas. Her site has step-by-step directions, with pics, for making homemade baby shower centerpieces.

Try These Creative Baby Shower Cake Sayings

Everyone loves a baby shower! It's a very special occasion to celebrate the coming arrival of a new bundle a joy with your loved ones. And, of course, the baby shower cake is one of the most important things to have at a baby shower. People always look forward to seeing what kind of ideas you decided to use and what sort of adorable baby shower cake sayings you came up with.

One of the most popular 'cakes' these days is the diaper cakes. If you've never seen one before, it's where the hostess decides to skip the cake decorations, frosting, and calories in favor of a cake made entirely from diapers. It's decorated with things Mom and Dad will need to take care of their new little pride and joy.

\"baby Shower\"

However, many people assume that if you use one of these cakes, you can't have those baby shower cake sayings we love. That's not true, though. I went to an adorable baby shower recently where they had a diaper cake, and they used a beautiful card to print a saying on, and taped it right to the cake.

There are lots of different ones you can use. Here are a few examples.

"This cake will never make you fat, And it won't make you thin. It just provides some extra padding To place your little one in."

And here is another really fun one:

"The best cake that you can get Contains not one calorie However, it's filled with goodies For your brand spanking new baby."

Of all the baby shower cake sayings you could use for one of those unique cakes, these are just a few.

Try These Creative Baby Shower Cake Sayings

Want even more fun and creative Baby Shower Cake Sayings? Visit Baby Shower Secrets [] for all the Baby Shower Themes [] and other things you need to make an unforgettable party.

How to Make Homemade Baby Shower Corsages

Wearing baby shower corsages are a really cute way to celebrate and honor the upcoming arrival of a new baby. Although, you can easily buy baby shower corsages, there is a lot of benefits to creating them yourself.

The first benefit of creating your own baby shower corsages is the fact that you don't have to buy any. Making your corsages will make it a whole lot easier on your budget, especially if you want a corsage for every guest.

\"baby Shower\"

Another great benefit of creating your own baby shower corsages is that you can include the colors of the baby shower theme, or even personalize the corsages. This is great for adding a special detail or touch that your guests will love and appreciate.

Creating your own baby shower corsages is also something really fun. You will enjoy being able to give your guests something that is gorgeous and that you've made with your own two hands. Here are a couple of really cute ideas for baby shower corsages.

Lily baby shower corsage:

You will need:

- 1 large white lily for each corsage. (Try the local florist.)

- A package of florist's wire. (Also try the florist shop.)

- 2 small cuttings of baby ivy vines. (Try the local florist.)

- A length of pretty ribbon for a bow. (You can get this from a craft store.)

- A pin to hold the corsage on.

Cut the stem on the lily to about 2 to 3 inches long. Use the florist's wire to bundle the ivy with the lily in a pretty way. Try an ivy vine on each side of the lily. Then tie on a pretty bow with the ribbon. You will use the pin to place it on a guest's blouse. This is a really pretty baby shower corsage. Remember to store it in the fridge until time to use it.

Funny baby shower corsage:

You will need:

- A tiny packet of baby wipes.

- A clothespin.

- Ribbon for little bows.

- A pin to fasten the baby shower corsage on.

This is a funny idea you can use as a joke for the Mom-to be. You will be making a 'changing time' helper. Open the baby wipes and pull a few through the little opening. You can rearrange them a bit to make them look like a flower.

Fasten the clothespin on the package of wipes so Mom-to be can access it instantly if she needs to clothespin her nose! You can add little bows made out of the ribbons. Pin this on the new mother's shirt for a great laugh.

Making your own baby shower corsages is a fun and easy way to make sure they look exactly like you want them to. Visiting a craft store is a great way to get some wonderful ideas.

Your guests will enjoy them, and if they're not fresh flower corsages, they will make a great memento that your guests can keep forever.

How to Make Homemade Baby Shower Corsages

Visit Baby Shower Game Idea to discover more fantastic and creative baby shower ideas for games, favors, cakes, invitations, gifts and more.