Cutting Edge Baby Shower Decorations: From Diaper Cakes to Diaper Bassinets

Diapers are no longer just an essential element of modern parenting. Disposable diapers are now way more popular than cloth diapers, but it isn't just because they are the most convenient way to keep small babies dry and comfortable. Today, diapers are being used as decorative elements for baby showers and gifts to expectant parents. It all started with rather simple diaper wreaths, but today it can be as cute as diaper cakes and as complicated as diaper bassinets.

Yes, we are talking about multi-tiered cakes that look real and functional bassinets all designed from nothing more than disposable diapers! This is quite innovative, but once you take a look at these products you start to wonder why the ideas weren't thought of long before.

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In order to be effective in their job, disposable diapers have to be more than super absorbent. Since they are wrapped around a baby's body and move along with a growing child, they have to be very flexible and durable as well. This is exactly what makes them so great for designing and building items like bassinets and cakes.

Cutting Edge Baby Shower Decorations: From Diaper Cakes to Diaper Bassinets

Baby Shower Diaper Cakes
These are the best kind of cakes you could ever give to an expectant mother. She won't have to worry about how many calories of sugar is eating and it won't add to the baby weight she has already packed on. This type of cake is completely without guilt and comes with something every expectant parent needs a lot of: diapers!

Each tier of the cake will be formed with a series of diapers, with each tier getting smaller and smaller just as a real multi-tier cake would be designed. Baby diaper cakes are then held together with rubber bands around the diapers and decorative ribbon added around each tier.

These cakes are typically set out at the baby shower as the centerpiece of the gift table or on the opposite end of a long table from the actual baby shower diaper cakes. The expectant parents get to keep the cake at the end of the partying, giving them a nice start on their diaper collection.

Most diaper cakes will be made of sized 1 or 2 diapers, which is what size newborn babies typically wear.

Diaper Bassinets - An Elaborate Gift
This is a more elaborate baby shower gift that you can now purchase online through select retailers. Entire bassinets are made entirely of diapers! They shouldn't be used with a real baby, but they are incredibly cute and definitely grab the attention of shower guests.

Of course, baby diaper cakes are the more functional, affordable option here. Baby bassinets are just mentioned to give you an example of how detailed and elaborate baby diaper designs are becoming today.

Cutting Edge Baby Shower Decorations: From Diaper Cakes to Diaper Bassinets

We create beautiful hand-crafted diaper cakes, diaper cupcakes and gift baskets using only premium ingredients for a gift that the new mom will adore and be able to use. Each baby shower diaper cakes is created with original designs.

Baby Shower Gift Thank-You Note Wording Ideas

When you send baby shower gift thank-you notes the wording is important. Sometimes after the shower the new mom can get really busy and baby shower gift thank-you note wording may not take precedence over all the other things that need to be done.

If you are the hostess of a baby shower you can take care of baby shower gift thank-you note wording before the shower is even over. How can you do this? By planning ahead you will be able to avoid any baby shower gift thank-you note wording dilemmas.

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You can plan ahead and have the thank-you notes all ready for the shower. The thank-you notes can be prepared and ready to go. In this way the baby shower gift thank-you note wording will not be an issue and it will also make it easier for the new mom to get the thank-you notes out to all the guests in record time.

Baby Shower Gift Thank-You Note Wording Ideas

The baby shower gift thank-you note wording can be part of the thank-you note if you have the notes printed. Then all the new mom will have to do is to add a personal line or two and sign the thank-you note. If you want to save even more time for your guest of honor you can have the shower guests address the thank-you notes at the party.

Give the mom-to-be or new mom the gift of beautiful thank-you notes complete with perfect baby shower gift thank-you note wording. She will be extremely grateful and this is one way to give a gift that is meaningful and thoughtful.

Baby Shower Gift Thank-You Note Wording Ideas

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Baby Shower Cake Ideas for Boys

Baby showers are always so exciting! Getting to help a friend or loved one welcome their new baby to the world is an amazing experience. If you are the 'honored one' who will be hosting the baby shower, you've probably racked your brain trying to come up with wonderful cake ideas. There are so many creative cake ideas for baby showers, whether you are welcoming a little boy or a little girl. There are several options, and things to consider when picking out the perfect cake.

Will the baby shower be a themed one?

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Often times, the host of a baby shower will select a theme that coincides with the Mom-to-be's nursery theme. This is a wonderful idea, and sure to please the new mom. For example, if Mom will be decking out her nursery in Winnie the Pooh, you could choose to incorporate that theme into the baby shower, and the cake. You could also do your own theme apart from the nursery theme. Some great ones for little boys are animals. trains, and sports. If the baby shower is not a themed one, you can pretty much choose any kind of wonderful cake.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas for Boys

Will you be purchasing the cake, or making your own?

When purchasing the cake, there are literally hundreds of options to choose from. You could get a special cake with mom's picture on it, easily choose a themed cake, or work with your favorite bakery to come up with your own unique idea.

If you will be making your own, there are tons of really great ideas that will be fun to make and be a hit at the party.
Here are some great ideas.

Baby 'clothesline' cake - Start with a sheet cake in any flavor you choose,(Make one from a box or from scratch, or purchase one that hasn't been frosted.) Frost the cake baby blue. A few drops of blue food coloring into white frosting will do the trick. Using a decorator's bag or a tube of writing icing, draw a horizontal line from one side of the cake to the other. Do this about two thirds down from the top of the cake. You can purchase little blue and yellow 'scrapbooking' baby clothes and blankets. Place those hanging from the line across the cake. A cute idea would be to draw in a little sun at the top of the cake, and grass and flowers at the bottom of the cake under the clothesline. You can get different colored writing icing tubes for this. A really cute saying on this cake would be, " Little fingers, little toes, itty-bitty baby clothes."

Another really cute variation on this cake is to start with 2 round cakes and frost them baby blue all the way around. Layer them, and then place the clothesline and baby clothes on the side of the cakes, with the saying on the top.

Another great idea to consider is using baby blocks on the cake spelling out 'Its a Boy,' or doing cupcakes instead and placing a small baby item on the top of each one. Using these ideas, you should be able to come up with a great cake that you will love, and that the party goers will love too.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas for Boys

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Baby Shower Ideas - 10 Door Prize Ideas For a Baby Shower

Shopping for door prizes for your party guests can be a chore. Not only do you need to stay within your budget but you want to give your party guests a useful prize. Here is a list of 10 baby shower door prize ideas your guests will absolutely love!

  1. Scratch & Win Lottery Tickets - you never know, you could make someone a millionaire!

  2. .00 gift cards to Walmart or Target. There is usually at least one of these stores in every city. If not then purchase one from the local popular store in your area.

  3. A movie rental gift certificate to a Red Box or Blockbuster Kiosk. These things are popping up all over the place now and are very inexpensive. Usually a one night rental is .00 and they are so convenient.

  4. Gift certificates to inexpensive restaurants such as Subway, Wendy's, Panera Bread, etc. Try to choose restaurants you are sure your guests will like.

  5. Gift certificates to a coffee house such as Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. Even if they don't drink coffee, there are other beverages that can be purchased as well as snacks.

  6. Small scented candles or bath salts packages. You can find inexpensive ones at your local discount drug store or dollar store.

  7. Individually packaged hot cocoa, ice tea, or drink mixes. Many online sites offer these in bulk and you could also have them personalized for the baby shower.

  8. Miniature jars of honey or jam. Yum! Who can resist a bit of honey or jam on their biscuits.

  9. Wild flower or vegetable seed packages. These are great for Spring time showers or garden themed showers.

  10. Homemade jars of a quick bread, cookie, or cake dry ingredients with a recipe card. Glass mason jars can be found at your supermarket and easily filled with the dry ingredients for your favorite recipe. Add a coordinated ribbon and recipe card for an inexpensive prize that any of your guests will love.

Before you buy baby shower door prizes, plan your party theme so that way you can purchase theme related prizes. If you were having a garden themed baby shower than seed packs would make great door prizes for your party guests. You don't have to spend a fortune to give your guests fun, useful door prizes. With a bit of planning and research you can come up with great baby shower ideas that will make practical and useful door prizes.

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Baby Shower Ideas - 10 Door Prize Ideas For a Baby Shower
Baby Shower Ideas - 10 Door Prize Ideas For a Baby Shower

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Welcome Home Baby Shower Party Celebrations

A welcome home baby shower is a shower that is held after the baby has been born. While this may not be a traditional way of celebrating the impending birth of a child, this is definitely a great way for people to get together who might not have been able to make it to the showers given before the baby is born. This is also a fun time for the new parents to introduce the newest member of their family and friends.

One thing to consider is that the parents might not want to have a welcome home baby shower until several weeks after the baby has been born. Getting acquainted with their new baby and adjusting to the new routine can be a bit overwhelming, particularly if these are brand new parents.

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The shower usually is held about a month or two after the baby has been born, giving the parents time to adjust and attach to their baby. The great thing about welcome baby party is that the new mom can tell the host what they still need for the baby, such as diapers, etc. Plus having a shower will bring the family and friends together to spend some time with the new family.

Welcome Home Baby Shower Party Celebrations

When planning the welcome shower, sending the personalized welcome home baby shower invitations should be done within four weeks before the date of the party. It will be their schedule that the host will want to be sensitive to, with a new baby and his/her needs. Also indicate on the custom welcome home baby shower invitations that it is a "welcome home baby shower". Even if people attended their baby shower before the baby was born, they will see this as an opportunity to meet the baby.

Since this is not the traditional games are not necessarily something that needs to be planned. However, chances are the baby party will include other couples and their children. Organizing a party will most likely mirror setting up a family BBQ or backyard party. Ensure that the menu includes foods that will appeal to all ages, or at least have some kid specific dishes prepared.

Decorations for a party can include some balloons, if appropriate. The host should probably ask the new parents if they have any preferences, or dislikes. Remember, even though the baby is already here, this is a party for them and making the guests of honor feel welcome and important is key to a successful surprise shower.

Planning a welcome home baby shower will be a lot simpler than a traditional baby party as it will be a lot more relaxed. This is an opportune time for the parents to show off their baby and for those who have not met the baby to see him or her for the first time. When planning, don't forget the announcements and matching thank you cards as this will set the stage for a great party. Also ask the new parents of their preferences for food, date and time of day, as they now have a little one to take care of.

Welcome Home Baby Shower Party Celebrations

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Baby Thank You Wording - 4 Thank You Note Samples

Here's some sample baby thank you wording for after a baby shower, along with notes about the thank you words to fill in for yourself.

Baby Thank You Note Samples For Clothes:

\"Baby Shower Wording\"

Dear [Name]

Baby Thank You Wording - 4 Thank You Note Samples

Thank you so much for [baby's name] new outfit [article of clothing]. Baby's name] will look great in the outfit you got him/her [make sure and mention something about the article of clothing - its color, or material, or a picture if it has a picture of something on it, etc.]. You've got great taste!

Thank you so much,
[Your name]

Sample Baby Shower Wording Thank You Note For Money:

Dear [Name]

Thank you so much for your generous gift of money. [It's generally in bad taste to mention the exact amount.] We used it for/planned to use it for [blank]. [Be sure and mention what you plan to use it for - it really helps the giver to feel appreciated. If you haven't decided yet, then make your best guess!]

Having a baby can be expensive. Your gift at this time is really appreciated.

Thank you so much,
[Your name]

Baby Thank You Wording For a Gift Certificate:

Dear [Name]

Thank you for the [Store] gift card. [Again, don't mention the specific amount]. It's one of my/our favorite stores. We used it/will likely use it to buy ______________.

The gift card was a really generous and practical gift that will help us grow our family. It's really appreciated-thank you so much!

Thanks again,
[Your name]

Baby Thank You Wording For a Blanket:

Dear [Name

Thank you for the cuddly baby blanket. Seeing [baby's name] in it will be adorable, and at the same time remind us of you!

The blanket you gave us was a warm gift in more ways than one - you're a great friend to have. Thank you so much.

[Your name]

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Always mention the specific gift in your thank you letter, note, or card - unless it's a specific dollar amount.

Hand-write the notes and/or have someone else help you write them.

Give your baby shower host a special thank-you - candy, a fruit-basket, a gift picture-frame, or any small nice thing that will show your appreciation.

Do your best to send every thank you card with your special baby thank you wording, within two a week time frame. If you miss the two-week deadline, remember that you're still better late, than never!

Baby Thank You Wording - 4 Thank You Note Samples

At a loss for words? Feel free to copy and paste any of the baby thank you wording to add to your after baby shower thank you cards. Lots of examples for baby shower wording can be found at Thank You Note including examples of baby christening thank you notes.

Baby Shower Wording Ideas, Baby Shower Cards Wording Verses & Sayings for Baby Shower Announcements

The baby shower invitations have been decided upon, so now the invitations wordings, verses or sayings on the invitations needs attention. Even if it is not for the baby invitations but to announce the birth of the child, the purpose is to inform family and friends of the impending party or to let others know that the baby in on its way into the world.

Finding the right words to express the joy and excitement that is bubbling from the Mom-to-Be about her baby can sometimes be difficult to capture. Searching to find just the right words can be tricky, but this is a keepsake item for the baby book, so it should reflect the theme of the shower as well as the personality of the parents.

\"Baby Shower Wording\"

When ordering the invitations, it is important to remember to include:

Baby Shower Wording Ideas, Baby Shower Cards Wording Verses & Sayings for Baby Shower Announcements

* Name of the Mom-to-Be, or parents-to-be;

* What type of baby shower it is, such as a surprise, co-ed or couples;

* The date, place and time of the shower;

* If the Mom-to-Be is registered and where;

* If a meal is planned or just refreshments;

* The theme of the shower;

* If the guests are to RSVP and by when and

* Include the gender of the baby is known

If the purpose is to come up with something unique, a personalized poem or saying can be made for the invitation. Here is an example of wording verses that can be used and obtained from shower invitations websites available:

Heard the forecast?

A baby is predicted

but first there will be a shower!

Please join us at a Baby Shower for





Please let us know

"weather" or not

you can attend

There are also many different themes or general topics that can be used for the announcements. If most of the people attending the shower are of a similar faith or religion it might be appropriate to quote a verse from the Bible that is appropriate for expecting a child or parenting in general.

If the expecting parents have a good sense of humor it could be fun to use some appropriate humor for the baby invitations wording ideas but make sure if you do try to be comical that is harmless and in good taste. Take into account all of the people who will be receiving the shower invitations and how they will react to the use of the humor in the shower sayings.

Whatever is selected to include on the baby invitations, it should come from the heart and be meaningful to the organizer, the participants, and the parents to be. Custom verses, wording ideas and sayings will really make your baby invitations head and shoulders above all the others.

Baby Shower Wording Ideas, Baby Shower Cards Wording Verses & Sayings for Baby Shower Announcements

s: Sarah Porter and Patti Paz are authors of several articles including Help with Baby Shower Invitations Wordings, Verses and Sayings, Baby Shower Invitations Verses and Sayings, Baby Shower Invitations Wording Ideas and more.

Using a Baby Shower Moon and Stars Theme

When using a baby shower moon and stars theme a hostess needs to consider all aspects of the shower. Considering everything from invitations to games is important so the theme remains a constant idea. A baby shower moon and stars theme is focused around the colors yellow and blue, as well as having a night time or bedtime feeling. This is important to keep in mind when planning the baby shower.

There are some great baby shower moon and stars theme ideas for invitations, decorations, favors, games and the cake. For invitations a great idea is to use invitations in the shapes of moons and stars with a verse that reflects the theme of night time. The party could even be an evening party to work in the theme. Decorations and favors should be in the colors blue and yellow. A good favor idea is individual sugar cookies cut into moon and star shapes. Decorations can reflect the feeling of being outside under the night sky, like having the moon positioned in a corner with stars hanging randomly about the room. Games that could be used to go with the theme are word games associated with baby's bedtime routine or simply changing games names slightly, like the 'Dress the Baby' game could be called "Dress the Baby for Bed'. The cake at a baby shower usually plays an important role. It is important to carry on the moon and stars theme with the cake. A cute cake could be a large moon shaped cake with smaller star cupcakes.

\"Baby Shower Wording\"

These are only a handful of the many things a hostess could do with a baby shower moon and stars theme. Once the ideas start coming it will be easy to plan the party while also sticking to the theme.

Using a Baby Shower Moon and Stars Theme
Using a Baby Shower Moon and Stars Theme

For more information concerning baby showers please visit The Baby Shower Zone - a website that specializes in baby shower thank you favors