Sample Baby Shower Invitations

Birth of a baby has an emotional and an exciting significance for all couples journeying towards parenthood. Friends, colleagues, and relatives usually throw baby shower parties for expecting mothers. Baby shower invitation cards are purchased to invite them along with their relatives. There are various samples of baby shower invitations that help people select a suitable baby shower invitation card. People may also order them from local gift stores with their choice of words and designs.

There are various themes for baby showers, that can be used to design or order baby shower invitations. The invitations need to reflect the theme of the celebration. It can be a floral decoration, famous cartoon figures, or a picture of a baby with balloons, diapers, baby bottles, pacifiers, or teddy bears.

\"baby Shower\"

The sample baby shower invitations can also include the mother's personal preference of colors, and favorite flowers. The words on sample baby shower invitations can be in a poetic form or just a simple gesture to invite people. It includes name of parents, venue, the date and time of the celebration. The quotations are either picked from other cards or are made by the parents. The cards are mostly ordered with the chosen designs on the front part of the card. People usually love to have a photo of a baby and their thoughts beside it. The guests are invited with famous jingles that are modified or changed, to form an interesting invitation.

The invitations cards can also be based on a theme and can have interesting shapes and designs like balloons, diapers, baby bottles, pacifiers, or teddy bears. These days, there are many websites that offer ideas as well as products specifically for baby showers. They help in giving people ideas, to make hand made invitation cards.

Samples of baby shower invitations basically depict the joy, and importance of a baby for everyone. Guests too rejoice the occasion, sharing the couple's happiness in welcoming the baby.

Sample Baby Shower Invitations

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Baby Shower Program Ideas

Sit back and relax while reading this article about planning a baby shower and having it done the most organized way possible.

Traditionally, to arrange baby shower programs have been given by anybody close to the mom-to-be, like Grandmothers-to-be, cousins, friends, co-workers or any other next of kin to mom. Sometimes more than one host will give the shower to defray costs and responsibilities.

\"baby Shower\"

- Who should be invited to the shower

The mother-to-be should be the one to choose the guest list as it is her day. If the shower is to surprise her , a close relative or friend should help plan the list. Actually anyone who is close to the mom-to-be, cousins, friends, Grandmothers-to-be and other relatives are invited to help celebrate the new arrival. (Friends of dad usually do't attend the party it depends on the father-to-be if he prefers.)

- When should the shower be held?

Traditionally baby showers are held in the last trimester in the mother-to-'s pregnancy stage, 6-8 weeks before the due date. Showers may also be held after the baby is born. Some people prefer rather to have a post partum baby shower so they can get personalized baby gifts and given and the correct size and color. Another reason is because everybody can meet the newborn, who is actually part of the party.

- Invitations

A written invitation is the best way to inform people about the shower. It contains all the specifics they need to know to plan and to fit it into their schedule.

- who the baby shower program is being given for,
- location
- address
- time
- host/hosts name
- a deadline for RSVP and where to mail it to
- girl or boy, only if mom-to-be wishes the information

shared and gift registry information,
- Direction to the baby shower
- Food Served at the Baby Shower

Finger food is usually served

punch and sodas are most common drinks at the party

As a respect for the mom-to-be alcohol is not served

Thank You Note Drawing

As guests arrive to the baby shower, they fill out envelopes with their name and addresses and place them in a basket. Later the mom-to-be draws out an envelope for the winner of the door prize. The mom-to-be then can use the envelopes when mailing out her thank you notes later. We hope you will enjoy all this information. Now you can gear up and start planning on your next baby shower, congratulations!

Baby Shower Program Ideas

Homemade Baby Shower Decorations

We will provide some information about traditional decorations as well as decorations you can make!


\"baby Shower\"

For the table where you will have the food and beverages set up, you want to create something festive. Although there are many great ideas, one of the most popular is the diaper cake. You can learn to make your own diaper cake centerpiece or purchase one online.

Since this "cake" is constructed of baby diapers, these would be presented to the expectant mother after the baby shower. This centerpiece is actually very beautiful, as you can see in the photograph and in most cases, very affordable, especially considering that they are fully functional.

There are many different variations of diaper cakes so you can be as creative as you like. If you want to try making the centerpiece on your own, simply following these instructions:

40 small diapers

2 baby towels or small receiving blankets

1 burp rag

1 baby bottle

Rubber bands or scotch tape

3 diaper pins

1 cardboard cake plate

1 roll of colored curling ribbon

1 cake topper (toys, stuffed animals, flowers, etc)

Various baby items for decoration such as miniature powder or shampoo, rattle, brush, teething ring, etc

For the bottom layer of the "cake", roll the diapers lengthwise around the baby bottle, continuing to roll the actual diapers around themselves until 20 of the diapers have been used. Then, with the rubber bands or tape, secure them so they remain firmly in place.

For the second layer, you would use 10 or 15 of the diapers depending on how thick you want it and do the same for the top layer using the remaining diapers (usually around five). Next, fold one of the receiving blankets so it is the same width as the bottom layer and then wrap it around the diapers, covering them. Do the same thing for the middle layer with the other blanket and then for the top layer, use the burp cloth. After each has been wrapped around, secure them with a couple of safety pins.

You will then take the curling ribbon, choosing colors to match the sex of the baby or theme of the party, wrapping it around each of the three layers. Be sure to leave about four inches on each to curl. To finish the cake, use your cake topper on the top and then place smaller baby items around for decoration.

Keep in mind that you can make a couple smaller diaper cakes using 20 diapers for the entire cake or one really, large one with 65 diapers. If you prefer to buy the diaper cake, the price will range on average between and .

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Homemade Baby Shower Decorations

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Baby Clipart For All Your Baby Shower Printing Needs

Baby clipart is the perfect accent to all of your baby shower printing needs. Whether announcements, invitations, thank you notes or stationery. Baby shower clip art can help you design the perfect original card or flyer for any event, but it's most suitable for baby showers.

Free Baby clip art can be found at many places on the Internet. Try browsing through the thousands of high quality baby clip art pictures to be found at You will find lots of appropriate images for your free clipart needs. This is a wide category that contains many different style and designs perfect for any shower or baby clipart need including baby boy clip art and baby girl clip art.

\"baby Shower\"

Baby clipart can be cute, funny, or sentimental. You have babies alone, babies with bottles, babies with teddy bears, babies with blankets or tucked in a cradle. You will find baby clip art pictures of babies with diapers, babies with no diapers, babies with a brother or sister, babies with a cute animal or pet.

Everyone knows that babies are so cute! They are cuddly and adorable and we know that everyone enjoys looking at them, so adding baby clipart to your shower planning is a smart move to make. Clipart is not hard to find and often it is free for you to use as you need. Whether clipart is free or even if you decide to pay a small fee for access to even more baby shower clipart, there will be lots of things you can use it for.

Don't forget to think about the baby birth announcements, invitations, thank your notes or stationery. Baby clip art can be the perfect accent to any of these needs.

Whatever baby clip art you decide to use, be sure to keep a common theme throughout all of your projects. For instance, having matching thank you notes is a nice compliment to your invitations. Also, having personalized stationery for the mother to write her own personal thank you notes would be a wonderful idea.

Do not clutter up your projects with too many different baby clip art pictures. This can look messy and unprofessional. Also, you need to pay attention to things like size, color, and format. There are many design tips that you can refer to on the Internet.

There's no better way to have fun with a newborn's arrival than to make all of the special mementos yourself. If you use the Internet, you have millions of creative possibilities at your fingertips, and you can use your free time to create completely original designs using baby clipart.

These will be your memories, you should make them as you see fit! And if you need an extra copy of an invitation or an announcement you don't have to worry about the time it takes to reorder or have to wait weeks for delivery. You'll save on time and shipping costs, and be able use your money for other special baby needs.

Using baby clipart is a great way to save money, utilize your own creative talents, and design high quality baby shower clipart invitations and birth announcements. Don't forget baby shower thank you notes! Whatever images or pictures you choose, whether sweet and playful or sentimental and formal, there are plenty of baby clipart options for you to choose from.

You can use clipart to create beautiful baby shower keepsakes and scrapbooking accents for you and your family and friends. Experiment with sizes, colors and baby shower themes. You're sure to find the perfect baby clipart images to suit any design need. A little practice and patience makes baby clipart perfect!

Baby Clipart For All Your Baby Shower Printing Needs

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Baby Shower Wording Ideas, Baby Shower Cards Wording Verses & Sayings for Baby Shower Announcements

The baby shower invitations have been decided upon, so now the invitations wordings, verses or sayings on the invitations needs attention. Even if it is not for the baby invitations but to announce the birth of the child, the purpose is to inform family and friends of the impending party or to let others know that the baby in on its way into the world.

Finding the right words to express the joy and excitement that is bubbling from the Mom-to-Be about her baby can sometimes be difficult to capture. Searching to find just the right words can be tricky, but this is a keepsake item for the baby book, so it should reflect the theme of the shower as well as the personality of the parents.

\"baby Shower\"

When ordering the invitations, it is important to remember to include:

* Name of the Mom-to-Be, or parents-to-be;

* What type of baby shower it is, such as a surprise, co-ed or couples;

* The date, place and time of the shower;

* If the Mom-to-Be is registered and where;

* If a meal is planned or just refreshments;

* The theme of the shower;

* If the guests are to RSVP and by when and

* Include the gender of the baby is known

If the purpose is to come up with something unique, a personalized poem or saying can be made for the invitation. Here is an example of wording verses that can be used and obtained from shower invitations websites available:

Heard the forecast?

A baby is predicted

but first there will be a shower!

Please join us at a Baby Shower for





Please let us know

"weather" or not

you can attend

There are also many different themes or general topics that can be used for the announcements. If most of the people attending the shower are of a similar faith or religion it might be appropriate to quote a verse from the Bible that is appropriate for expecting a child or parenting in general.

If the expecting parents have a good sense of humor it could be fun to use some appropriate humor for the baby invitations wording ideas but make sure if you do try to be comical that is harmless and in good taste. Take into account all of the people who will be receiving the shower invitations and how they will react to the use of the humor in the shower sayings.

Whatever is selected to include on the baby invitations, it should come from the heart and be meaningful to the organizer, the participants, and the parents to be. Custom verses, wording ideas and sayings will really make your baby invitations head and shoulders above all the others.

Baby Shower Wording Ideas, Baby Shower Cards Wording Verses & Sayings for Baby Shower Announcements

s: Sarah Porter and Patti Paz are authors of several articles including Help with Baby Shower Invitations Wordings, Verses and Sayings, Baby Shower Invitations Verses and Sayings, Baby Shower Invitations Wording Ideas and more.

Fun and Easy Baby Shower Crafts

Baby shower crafts can be fun and easy to make. Here are some practical ideas to make sure your shower is a huge success. All you need is a little money, a little bit of time, and a whole lot of heart. These baby craft ideas are perfect for any shower.

There are all kinds of craft ideas, ranging from simple and inexpensive to elaborate and time-consuming. You can choose the project that is right for you based on your budget and the amount of planning and preparation time you have. Baby shower Crafts can made before the shower or during the shower. Again, it is up to you, but here are some things you might want to consider.

\"baby Shower\"

A fun craft idea to do during the shower is to personalize baby gifts as they are opened. Of course, be sure the baby's name is set in stone before you begin this one! All you need to do these crafts is a variety of color fabric paint pens bought at any craft supply store.

For instance, when the mother opens a gift, the most artistic one in the group can decoratively write the baby's name on the side of the gift. Be sure to check with the mother and see if she is interested in this idea. This can save her time, as most gifts will need to be labeled anyway. Certain gifts may not be appropriate for labeling; use your best judgment. Also, some drying time may need to be allowed. Take care to prevent smudging!

Another great craft idea for involving an older brother or sister is to have him or her paint a picture or write a short baby poem or letter for the new baby. When finished, this project framed and matted simply becomes one of the most meaningful gifts, no matter how artistically done. The older sibling will feel pride in their part of welcoming their new baby brother or sister. Hang or display in a prominent place in the baby's nursery.

A baby themed comic collection is another great baby shower craft idea to help lighten the rough days. Baby shower crafts of this kind takes a little more time and preparation, but what an enjoyable collection when finished!

Enlist others to help hunt down the best and funniest baby themed comics around. Check out magazines and newspapers. Display in a scrapbook or on a poster at the baby shower. Decorate with any appropriate baby trinkets, and be sure to stick with the theme. Who doesn't like a good laugh? And no one will need one more than a new mother after she's had several sleepless nights and lots of dirty diapers to change!

Baby shower crafts that takes a little bit of planning but makes a fabulous sentimental gift is a handprint quilt. You will need to precut quilt squares to do this. Choose fabric and style to match the mother's nursery d├ęcor. Make sure you have enough squares - one for each guest.

As guests arrive at the shower, have them stick their hand in paint and make a simple handprint on a single square and sign their name. Try glitter, silver or gold fabric paint for a decorative touch. Let them dry. Then someone sews together the finished project. Optional: leave room for a larger block in the middle that says the baby's name, birth date if known, and the phrase "Surrounded by Love".

Finally, the favorite baby shower crafts - this one's to be done during the actual baby shower. You will need one or two disposable cameras, access to a one hour photo developer, a scrapbook and scrapbooking supplies, and a couple of volunteers. For more information on baby shower scrapbooking ideas go to our page on Scrap Booking Tips.

As guests arrive, take a picture of each guest with the mother or mother and baby, and take several random, candid pictures. You want to photograph the decorations, the table setting, and the cake if there is one.

When the cameras are full, have a volunteer rush to have them developed. I suggest calling your store in advance to let them know what you are doing and to make sure they can meet your time restraints. Then, when the baby shower pictures return, start scrapbooking! Ideally, baby shower guests would get to do the page with their picture on it. Usually, it's easy to keep this project a secret and present at the end of the baby shower.

The mother has an instant keepsake, and again you have saved her valuable time and energy. Whether you're scrapbooking or not, be sure to take lots of pictures. Be sure to set aside adequate space for these baby shower crafts, and delegate as many tasks as possible.

Fun and Easy Baby Shower Crafts

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Homemade Baby Shower Invitations

Homemade baby shower invitations can make your baby shower entertaining, full of fun, and a truly memorable experience. It is a perfect way to give a personal touch to the great occasion.

Homemade baby shower invitations reflect the personality of the expectant mother and can bring in an element of warmth to your party. Homemade baby shower invitations simply give your guests an idea of what kind of gifts to take to the baby shower party. These are less expensive and more valuable than store-bought invitations.

\"baby Shower\"

You can get materials for the creation of homemade baby shower invitations from retail shops. These materials include paper styles, font colors, baby shower invitation wordings, and matching accessories such as thank you notes, envelopes, stickers, fun stamps, and baby birth announcements.

Selecting a baby shower theme is the first step in preparing homemade baby shower invitations. Choose a theme that is pleasing to the eye in style and design. Select stamps that are fit for your theme. Also, choose appropriate colors. You can select pink for girls, dark colors for boys, and green or yellow for baby yet unknown. Wording of your invitation should include the name of the new mother or baby, date, time, and location of the event. You can also draw a map of the location for out-of-town guests; include a phone number and email address. You may do this manually at home or get them printed at a local printer's.

To get a quality finishing touch to your homemade baby shower invitation, use wax seals with initials. Always use high-quality products for the creation of homemade invitations. Homemade baby shower invitations are always treasured by everyone. They can be wonderful, provided you have some creativity and a little time to spend.

Homemade Baby Shower Invitations

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Baby Shower Party Ideas for Any Shower

Hosting a baby shower is a fun and rewarding experience but finding baby shower party ideas can be a headache. If you keep the guest of honor in mind as you plan the party, you are sure to create a memorable and fun experience for her and all of the guests. Here are a few tips that can help.

Choosing a Theme

\"baby Shower\"

Picking a theme can help make planning the party easier and more fun. There are as many different themes out there as there are moms-to-be. You can pick one that suits her personality, the sex of the baby, the time of year the baby will be born, or one of the more traditional shower themes. Ones like monkey, stork, rubber ducky, Winnie the Pooh, butterfly, or sports are all fun themes. The bonus with these is that it should be easy to find decorations and invitations since they are popular themes.

Make It Fun With Games

Games are great baby shower party ideas that add fun to any baby shower. The dirty diaper game, baby shower gift bingo, pin the diaper on the baby, and word scrambles are all fun games that are easy to find in any party supply store. If you are more creatively inclined, think of and setup your own games. Anything related to babies or the soon-to-be parents would work for any shower. Get creative but be sure that none of your games will offend the mother-to-be or any of the guests.

Festive Food Ideas

Getting creative with the food adds a special touch to the party. If you have a theme, try to make food that is in keeping with the theme. As you pick out your theme, think of things that you could serve to stay within that theme. Tailgating food can be fun for a sports-related theme. A cookie cutter that works with your theme can be very useful in creating shapes out of many different types of foods. Keep in mind that finger foods typically work well for a baby shower. This allows people to grab a plate and mingle with the other guests.

Baby shower party ideas are limited only by the amount of creativity and energy you have. Keep a list of everything that you need to get done so that you don't get overwhelmed at the last minute. Planning and preparing as much as you can ahead of time can save you from stress on the day of the party.

Baby Shower Party Ideas for Any Shower

There are also books and websites out there with baby shower party ideas that can help make planning easier. Creating a timeline for yourself with tasks assigned to each day can also help. Get more ideas at

Baby Shower Thank You Notes - You Deserve Help, Future Mom

Writing baby shower thank you notes seems simple. However, with a million things to do as an expectant mother, the biggest challenge is finding the time. The sheer labor (pardon the pun) of mailing and writing all of your baby shower thank you notes can be overwhelming.

Ideally, everybody would get a handwritten thank you for their baby gift. However, if you just don't have the time to write everyone, there is a loophole. Formal etiquette for gift thank you notes is that a card is not required in cases where the giver was present for the opening of the gift and received a thank you in person.

\"baby Shower\"

Use this as a polite dividing line if you are short on time.

You need help. Delegate. When somebody asks you, "Is there anything I can do?" You say, "Yes." If no one has specifically offered to help, ask. Everybody wants to help out the most important person in the word--and that's YOU expectant Mom. Assemble a team of your biggest fans.

If one task is too much, then delegate that task to a couple of people. You can have friends or family members help you by doing part of or all of the following:

1) If you don't have them already, get someone on Team Mom to pick out and purchase the baby shower thank you notes or some cute stationary sets.

2) You'll need stamps. Send someone to get them or have the post office deliver them to you.

3) Put the stamps on the envelopes. Heck, if the person who drops off the stamps, comes in for coffee. Ta-dah! You have a perfect coffee-time task.

4) Assemble a list of current addresses via group E-mail or calling people over the phone.

5) Address the baby shower thank you card envelopes. Once again, if you get somebody else to do number four for you or with you, there's a shot that when the person comes over to give you the list you can do the coffee thing again and have her help you.

6) Bonus delegation task--Put DAD be in charge of writing the thank you notes, and the two of you sign them. Convenient explanations: My knuckles are sore and swollen. He wants to be an active Daddy.

You can finish your baby shower thank you cards without setting aside an entire afternoon or day. What Mom or Mom-to-Be has that much free time? Use these simple steps:

1) Address and stamp all the envelopes in advance. (See above)

2) Write on the flip-side of the gift tag for each present a nice comment about the gift. Alternatively, if you threw away all the tags, you can just put a note in each envelope saying who sent what and something nice about it. (Ex. Carol-stork diaper basket-cute sailor hat on stork) This insures you do not have to waste time looking up the correct spelling of the giver's name or struggle to remember who gave you what.

3) Put the labeled gift tags or notes in corresponding envelopes.

4) Print out a thank you note template or sample note to base your cards on such as the ones found at .

5) Carry a few envelopes and blank cards with you. When you are waiting at that next doctor's appointment, fill out a few. Other good times to do this include, waiting for food at a restaurant, in between cycles of laundry, when you can't sleep, and during commercials (instead of holding the fast forward button on the Tivo). The great thing about doing a few or just one at a time is that it keeps your handwriting neat.

6) Drop your finished cards in the nearest mailbox immediately. Do not wait to mail them from home all at once. Just put them in the mail. This way you will have to hurry up and finish the rest soon, and your stack will be smaller. You can delegate this task, but some people, have a tendency to "forget." Make sure it is somebody reliable.

Baby Shower Thank You Notes - You Deserve Help, Future Mom

Christy Murphy is the creator of which provides free, ready-to-copy sample thank you notes for all occasions, including baby showers, along with other practical tools to demonstrate and attract gratitude in every day life.

She is a writer, public speaker, and comedian, who has been featured on numerous television shows including CNN's Showbiz Today, Australia's Seven News, and CBS News in the U.S. Thank you for reading her bio.

Baby Shower Words, Verses and Sayings For Baby Shower Invitations

When you are planning a baby shower, there are a lot of details you have to finalize, including choosing the baby diaper cake and picking a location. You'll need to gather refreshments, compile a guest list, and handle the decorations. Of course, another factor in your massive list of responsibilities is the baby shower words on those invitations. That means you want to hold off on putting together the shower games, so you'll be able to prepare the appropriate invitation wording whether you are having a formal or an informal celebration.

Baby Shower Invitations for Formal Events

\"baby Shower\"

With a formal shower, you're going to want to take care to reflect that tone in your choice of baby shower words. A good way to start these formal invitations is with a phrase such as "You are cordially invited to a baby shower" or "The pleasure of your company is requested at a shower." Follow that line with who the shower is going to be for: the new baby if he or she has already entered the world, the parents-to-be, or the mother-to-be. When you are writing out the wording, be sure to use everyone's full name - that is standard when you are working with formal invitations. Once you reach this point of the wording, you should add in the details of the party, such as the location, date, and time of the baby showers. You also need to have all of the words written out completely. For example, if the shower is being held on the August 30th at noon, you would write it out as "the thirtieth of August at twelve o'clock noon." Remember not to use any types of abbreviations.

At the end of the wording, you'll need to write out the full names of the hosts of the party. Also, this is a good place to add the RSVP information at the bottom of the card unless you are going to be using a separate response card.

Baby Shower Invitations for an Informal Party

Formal invitations aren't needed if you are having a small, casual shower. However, that doesn't mean you can just call or email guests. You should still send out invitations and you will need to be careful with your baby shower words. However, you do have more flexibility with what those cards can say. For example, you could begin the message with "Susan and Jeff invite you to celebrate the approaching birth of Morgan and Matt's new baby at a special shower." Of course, you'd follow this up with celebration details.

Don't forget that if you send out informal invitations you need to plan a casual shower. That means you keep the refreshments simple, the guest list smaller, and the location more private. Just remember that the shower will be a fun experience whether it's formal or informal.

Gifts & the Baby Showers Wording

Finally, you also want to leave off some things from the baby shower words. The main thing you do not want to include is any information about gifts or the gift registry. When you mention gifts on the invitation, guests feel as if you expect them to buy a present in order to attend. That makes the party seem less like a celebration and more like a plea for cash and prizes. That doesn't mean you shouldn't have gift registry information handy when guests contact you with questions about what to buy.

Baby Shower Words, Verses and Sayings For Baby Shower Invitations

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Baby Shower Thank You Note - Tips And Wording Ideas For Your Shower Thank You Cards

It's time to write each baby shower thank you note, but with so much on your mind the words may be harder to come by. Here are some ideas to make writing your shower thank you cards a snap.

A Few Quick Etiquette and Wording Tips

\"baby Shower\"

o Hand write your thank you notes. Avoid writing more than four thank you notes at a time to keep your handwriting neat.

o Always mention the specific gift in your thank yous.

o Use the word "you" more than the word "I" to emphasize your gratitude for your friends and loved ones.

o The host of the baby shower often receives a thank you gift such as candy, a picture frame, or an engraved bracelet or locket.

o Send your baby shower thank you notes within two weeks of the shower in the actual mail. If you're running late, remember, a late thank you card is better than no thank you at all.

Use a poem.

Write your own original poem or use a famous poem from literature to express your thanks. Some people like to write a poem from the baby's point of view or just a short, poem to say thank you. Here a baby shower thank you poem that I wrote. You can use it as a guide or copy into your card: (for your personal non-commercial use only)

I wanted to say thank you.

Daddy says thank you, too.

Baby will say thanks I'm sure

right around when she turns two.

Try a famous quote.

Look up thank you quotes online or in a book of quotations, and add a line of your own. Here is an example:

The quote: "Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness." ~ Richard Bach

Then you add: Thank you for the lovely insert gift, and your wishes of happiness for our growing family.

Use this fill-in-the-blank baby shower thank you note:

Thank you for the choose one: adorable, beautiful, thoughtful insert gift.

Choose one of these for the second sentence:

The baby will love it.

It will definitely come in handy.

Choose one of these lines for the third sentence:

You always pick the cutest gifts.

You are a dear and thoughtful friend.

Then close the letter with, "Thanks again." Sign your letter, "Love" "Sincerely," "Warm Regards," and your signature.

Now you have a variety of ways to share your gratitude with your generous friends. Don't forget. If you're fingers are swollen, you can always have Daddy help you. Congratulations on your growing family!

Baby Shower Thank You Note - Tips And Wording Ideas For Your Shower Thank You Cards

Visit Baby Shower Thank You Notes for free, ready to copy, gift-specific thank you notes, quotes, sayings and free printable thank you cards. Christy Murphy is the creator of She has appeared on numerous radio and television shows including CNN's Showbiz Today, CBS News, and Australia's Seven News.

Baby Thank You Wording - 4 Thank You Note Samples


Baby Thank You Wording - 4 Thank You Note Samples
At a loss for words? Feel free to copy and paste any of the baby thank you wording to add to your after baby shower thank you cards. Lots of examples for baby shower wording can be found at Thank You Note including examples of baby christening thank you notes.

Free Baby Shower Invitations

Free invitations are the best! Everyone knows that the best things in life are free. The best invitations are also free! There are many places that you can go on the Internet to find free invitations for your baby shower. Why pay for something that you can get for free?

Invitations let everyone know the time and place of the celebration of the newborn or soon to be born arrival. Free invitations are an option that you should definitely consider. There are some great Internet sites that offer all kinds of free invitations.

\"baby Shower\"

Don't forget to send out the invitations early enough to let everyone know to plan ahead and save the date for the special event, typically four to six weeks in advance. Some family members may be traveling long distances so this allows them enough time to make necessary travel plans.

You can include all the same information on free invitations as you would on more expensive invitations. Save your money for the fun stuff!

Here are some examples of what your free invitations should say:

Invitation #1

Let's have some fun
Welcoming the little one!

Melissa Ann Peters
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Invitation #2:

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While you're searching for the perfect free invitations for your celebration, you may want to consider creating matching birth announcements, thank you notes, and personalized stationery as well. These are optional, not required, but it may be worth looking into while you're in a planning and creating mode.

The quality of the free invitations you send is up to you. You can control the quality of paper you use to print the invitations, and you can control the quantity as well. Since these invitations are often created right from your own computer, you can print off extra copies as needed without having to pay extra costs in reordering fees from a professional printing service.

If you need to send out a quick free invitation at the last minute, then you can handle that need right on the spot. Free baby shower invitations are wonderful options to share your baby shower plans with all your friends. Be sure to include the important details of the event like the date, time, location, RSVP info. Where the mother to be is registered for baby gifts, and the baby's name if it's known.

Don't be too wordy or clutter the invitations with too many designs. Be sure to look at some professional designs to get some great ideas for your own free baby shower invitations. Also, be sure to proofread your free invitations for errors in the time or location information before you print them off. Though the shower invitation may be free, the computer paper and ink are not! And neither is postage if you were to have to mail out a second batch with corrections.

Perhaps most importantly, don't misspell the baby's name! Baby names today can have some unusual and uncommon spellings. If the baby's name is to be included on the baby shower invitations, then check, check, check, and double check the spelling of the name before you make your final prints. Remember, baby shower invitations are often kept as precious keepsakes, and you would hate to be remembered as the friend who got the name wrong.

Have fun creating the best free baby shower invitations in town. Who knows? Maybe you will have your friends turning to YOU to plan their next big social event!

Free Baby Shower Invitations

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Couples Baby Shower Honors Both Mom and Dad

If having a Couples Baby Shower seems odd to you, consider this: Mom-to-be did not get pregnant on her own. Nor will she likely be raising the baby on her own. So why should she get to celebrate on her own?

Dad-to-be plays a very big role in the new baby's life so he should be a part of the baby festivities as well. A couples shower (also referred to as coed showers) doesn't just include dad-to-be in the honors. It also includes all of the other important men in the new baby's life.

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Grandfathers, uncles, cousins, and even godfathers will be able to join in a couples shower as well. Baby showers normally consist of cutesy decorations and silly games. But when you are having a couples shower, you will probably want to make a few adjustments. You still want to have baby decorations since it is a celebration of a baby at your couples shower. But you might want to refrain from using frilly decorations and lean more towards fun ones.

Cutting out the games may be a good idea for coed showers. Instead, give the male guests some screwdrivers and hammers. Then have them put together gifts such as toys and swings while mom and dad-to-be open the presents together.

If this sounds a little too stereotypical for you (me man, you woman, grunt, grunt). Then try playing games that both the men and women will enjoy at your couples shower. Have a contest to see who can drink a beer (or other carbonated beverage) out of a baby bottle the fastest.

Set up a large grid ahead of time with the dates of the month when baby is due. You can have guests write their name on the date when they think the baby will be born. The host or hostess can be responsible for sending a prize to the winner after the baby comes.

Another good idea for games for a couples baby shower is Pictionary. Make cards ahead of time with all sorts of baby items on them. Then use them for your home version of the popular game. Surely most of your guests will be able to draw "rattle".

But what about "messy diaper" or "nursing"? Prizes for games can be anything you can think of, but if you are going to spend money on them, you should try to have something your guests will want to use. Favors should also be something your guests will use as well as being gender neutral. Some favor ideas include personalized lollipops or candy tins, baby themed cookies, or the ever popular bubble gum cigars.

If you do not know the sex of the baby yet you can purchase favors in both pink and blue. Then guests choose the color based on what they think the sex of the baby will be. It might be fun to do a tally at the end of the shower just to see how many of the guests think it will be a boy and how many think it will be a girl!

Food is also an important part of a couples shower. Though appetizers and finger sandwiches may be appropriate for a regular shower you may want some heartier fare for the couples baby shower. By adding more substantial items to your menu you will be catering (so to speak) to your male guests' larger appetites.

One suggestion for a nice keepsake for mom and dad-to-be. Videotape wishes and tips for them. Ask willing guests to record a short greeting for the new parents (keeping it proper so Junior can watch it in years to come).

Also, don't forget to send the couples baby shower invitations.

Couples Baby Shower Honors Both Mom and Dad

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The Baby Shower Gift Poem

A poem is one of the best ways of expressing your feelings about something that's happening in life. And that just might explain why poems are such a big part of today's baby showers. If you've been wondering how to incorporate poems into an upcoming special event like a baby shower, then read on. Here you'll learn all about the baby shower gift poem.

What is a baby shower gift poem?

\"baby Shower\"

If you've ever shopped for baby gifts you've probably seen at least one baby shower gift poem. They're those adorable little sayings that are sometimes included with the gift. Typically inscribed using a fancy script font and printed on frilly-edged pastel-colored card stock, these baby-inspired poems make great keepsakes. Most moms-to-be add these baby shower mementos to their baby's scrapbook.

Sometimes the gift you choose doesn't include a baby shower gift poem. But that's not a problem because anyone can create these great gift accompaniments. Even if you're not a poet or the crafty type, this is one project you can tackle with ease. A quick search on the Internet reveals more baby-inspired poems than you can imagine.

Simply find one you like and retype the words into your word processor. If you'd rather, you can come up with your own words. Then all you do is change the font, load your printer with decorative card stock and print. For a truly professional look, cut along the poem's borders using decorative craft scissors. In minutes you've created your very own personalized baby shower gift poem to include with your gift!

The next interpretation of the baby shower gift poem is one the mother-to-be gives her guests. This time however, the poem is created after the shower has ended. When used this way, the baby shower gift poem acts as or is incorporated into the Thank You notes the expectant mother sends her guests. These poems can be purchased or hand-crafted but either way, it's a wonderful way to show your appreciation.

The Baby Shower Gift Poem

Brian Fong

If you've been wondering how to incorporate poems into an upcoming special event like a baby shower, then read on. Here you'll learn all about the baby shower gift poem...