The Baby Shower Gift Poem

A poem is one of the best ways of expressing your feelings about something that's happening in life. And that just might explain why poems are such a big part of today's baby showers. If you've been wondering how to incorporate poems into an upcoming special event like a baby shower, then read on. Here you'll learn all about the baby shower gift poem.

What is a baby shower gift poem?

\"baby Shower\"

If you've ever shopped for baby gifts you've probably seen at least one baby shower gift poem. They're those adorable little sayings that are sometimes included with the gift. Typically inscribed using a fancy script font and printed on frilly-edged pastel-colored card stock, these baby-inspired poems make great keepsakes. Most moms-to-be add these baby shower mementos to their baby's scrapbook.

The Baby Shower Gift Poem

Sometimes the gift you choose doesn't include a baby shower gift poem. But that's not a problem because anyone can create these great gift accompaniments. Even if you're not a poet or the crafty type, this is one project you can tackle with ease. A quick search on the Internet reveals more baby-inspired poems than you can imagine.

Simply find one you like and retype the words into your word processor. If you'd rather, you can come up with your own words. Then all you do is change the font, load your printer with decorative card stock and print. For a truly professional look, cut along the poem's borders using decorative craft scissors. In minutes you've created your very own personalized baby shower gift poem to include with your gift!

The next interpretation of the baby shower gift poem is one the mother-to-be gives her guests. This time however, the poem is created after the shower has ended. When used this way, the baby shower gift poem acts as or is incorporated into the Thank You notes the expectant mother sends her guests. These poems can be purchased or hand-crafted but either way, it's a wonderful way to show your appreciation.

The Baby Shower Gift Poem

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If you've been wondering how to incorporate poems into an upcoming special event like a baby shower, then read on. Here you'll learn all about the baby shower gift poem...

Baby Shower Invitations Wording - Homemade Baby Shower Invitations

Deciding on a convenient baby shower invitation wording can seem like a bit of a hustle or may be slightly overwhelming at first bearing in mind that you might be a first time parent. But if you decide to create a homemade baby shower invitation wording with your own wording and unique style, it can be deeply satisfying, and a memorable one.

In order to come up with a homemade baby shower invitation, you can do a firsthand research from books, magazines and from the internet. What one needs to do is to be a little bit creative and use of your imagination.

\"baby Shower\"

The best thing about homemade baby shower invitations is that they tend to stick to ones budget and also they display the personality of the expectant mother. They can be made in various fascinating types such as balloons, teddy bears, diapers etc. They can also be made attractive and eye catching by pitting attractive colors, unique designs together with the new babies trademark color pink and blue.

Baby Shower Invitations Wording - Homemade Baby Shower Invitations

The choice of words for the message should be very polite such that the invited guest should feel honored and appreciated. You can also include the name of the expectant mother, a map of the location phone number, an address; a poem might be a good idea and also being specific about gifts.

Making homemade baby shower invitation makes the event truly memorable. It might be little bit difficult finding baby shower cards in shops; one can just go straight into the internet where a person can be spoilt for choice. Custom made invitations are popular since they come in variety of different designs and sizes. Their prices vary and also do their quality. So it is always good to visit the internet or have contacts of the company or individuals who can be able to meet your taste, demands and expectations.  

The advantage of having an elegant baby shower invitation makes a mother feel very proud and honored. After creating baby shower invitation wording cards on-line, you should make sure to view them before purchasing them in order to see whether they meet your expectations.

Before purchasing them, one should consider different major factors such as color to the actual wording. If you happen to know the sex of your baby, then you should create a baby shower invitation wording that is gender based. In this situation, where there are older siblings, they can assist in preparing for the arrival of their younger sibling. This can be well memorable and can be remembered for many years to come while it also makes them feel involved in the welcoming of the baby.

The birth of a child changes the lives of many people both relatives and friends and therefore it is important to make this occasion as memorable as possible for days to come. The above named baby invitation wording, are just but a few of the many that that are available. So one should not have limitations instead they should be adventurers when it comes to choice.

Baby Shower Invitations Wording - Homemade Baby Shower Invitations

There are lots of discount invitations out there which you can personalized with unique baby shower invitation. Find out more examples of baby shower invitations wording and create an unforgettable baby shower for you and your family forever.

The Character Traits of a Scorpio Baby

Your Scorpio Baby..

October 23 - November 21

\"Baby Shower Wording\"

Young Scorpios have strong personalities. They know what they want and will go out and get it. Very loving and loyal to family and friends, Scorpios can, however, be wary of strangers. Your child may develop a trait of keeping his thoughts secret, but at the same time will be adept at finding out everyone else's secrets. Scorpios can often bear pain well so parents should learn to recognise small signs of discomfort from their babies.

The Character Traits of a Scorpio Baby

At play a Scorpio baby will learn from people seen as being stronger than themselves. If anyone should break one of his toys, Scorpio will seek revenge. Scorpio children enjoy a good fight, and they intend to win.

Your child will be active, quick to learn and intelligent. Scorpio children often develop an almost insatiable curiosity about almost everything, but especially anything hidden, mysterious or forbidden. Parents will need to develop a tactful way of guiding their child away from unsuitable subjects.
Scorpios love to have a private place of their own, either a room or a secret hiding place. This gives them a sense of security. Scorpio children will thrive if they believe that people around them will always be loyal.

The typical Scorpio child can be prone to accidents because of their need to do things or be places more quickly than anyone else. Typical health problems involve the nose and throat and many Scorpio children will get more coughs and colds. However, they will recover quickly.

The Character Traits of a Scorpio Baby

Author: Tony Luck who runs a website for babies and new moms, and includes the fascinating Chinese Pregnancy Calendar which is supposed to be able to tell you whether you will give birth to a boy or girl!

Wording Baby Shower Invitations For Baby Party

A certain turn of phrase will make the baby shower invitations sing - and capture the attention of potential guests. Baby shower wording ideas can come from just about any source, but mostly, the baby shower invitation wording for your baby shower should come from the heart.

Use of Baby Gender for Baby Wording

\"Baby Shower Wording\"

The proper baby invitation wording can be gender specific or gender neutral. If the parents know the gender of their coming child, they could incorporate various phrases to indicate they're expecting a boy or a girl. "We're tickled pink she's having a girl," or "The princess is on the way, so come and celebrate her special day," are possible baby invitation wording. "The little prince is on the way, so come and celebrate his special day," and the traditional "Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails, that's what little boys are made of," are alternate shower invitation wording for moms expecting boys.

Wording Baby Shower Invitations For Baby Party

Shower wording ideas for the gender-neutral shower could include something like "We're all as happy as can be, Mommy and Daddy and baby make three," or "On the way is a bundle of joy, let's shower the brand new girl or boy."

Use of Shower Theme in Selecting Wordings

The shower invitation wording can even come from the theme of the event itself. If there is a star baby theme or a celestial theme, the baby showing wording verses could be "Twinkle, twinkle little star," or "When you wish upon a star." If the host has chosen bears, the baby announcement wordings could be "We are 'beary' excited to welcome a new bundle of joy," or "We can 'bearly' wait for the little one's arrival." Should the theme be ducks, the shower invite wordings, verses and sayings could be "We're so lucky, the new baby is just plain ducky," or "Someone is having a baby, isn't that just ducky?"

For the expectant mother of twins, some cute and creative baby invitation wording verses could be used. "Double the fun, double the love," "They've been blessed's twins," or "They're coming two-by-two, so much fun for me and you," are all possible baby wording ideas for the baby twin shower.

Wordings from a Poem or Children's Book

For the perfect baby invitations wordings, the host may even check with the expectant mom. The shower invite wordings, verses and sayings may come from a special poem or children's book that are important to the mom-to-be. If the host is stuck, doing a quick search of online shower stationery shoppes should provide some invitation wording ideas. Sometimes, brainstorming wording ideas with friends can also get the juices flowing and allow the host to create the perfect baby shower wording.

What to Include in the Wording, Sayings and Verses

No matter what cute wording verses are used, the important information must be included. The mother's name or the baby's name, if available; the date, location and time of the shower; the phone number for RSVP; and the registry information should all appear somewhere in the announcement.

With creative baby shower wording verses, the guests are sure to get a smile.

Wording Baby Shower Invitations For Baby Party

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E-card Invitations For Baby Showers - Baby oh Baby, That's An Adorable Invitation!

Have you even received a unique baby shower invitation that momentarily made you wish you were having a child yourself? Well, if you ever decide to make reality out of your baby fantasy there are many places you can go for help when the time comes to hostess your baby shower.

Web wide, you can access sites with free baby shower invitations or to give things a 21st century spin, you could use e-card invitations for your baby shower. There are unique baby shower invitations under the e-card category. Look to sites such as to find a selection of both e-cards and printable ones, all free. is yet another and on this site, you can choose from many designs and send your final pick in bulk to up to 750 people with a personal message and even a link for gift registry.

\"Baby Shower Wording\"

E-card invitations for baby showers can be your best bet if you are working with time constraints. No envelopes, no paying for postage then going through the drudgery of addressing envelopes and getting them mailed. You can get so many free and unique baby shower invitations online that you can get things done in a fraction of the time, sending regular mail the way of the Pony Express.

E-card Invitations For Baby Showers - Baby oh Baby, That's An Adorable Invitation!

If you're a traditionalist and would prefer to mail your own invitations, there is a plethora of sites with free baby shower invitations that you can print out, personalize and then mail. A good site for free printable baby shower invitations is They have a good sized mix of printable baby shower invitations.

Whether you want e-card invitations for baby showers or free printable baby shower invitations, look around online and you'll find a site to fit your needs.

E-card Invitations For Baby Showers - Baby oh Baby, That's An Adorable Invitation!

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Sprinkles Baby Shower For Your Next Baby Shower Party

When you have a friend or family member who is expecting, you probably want to consider throwing her a shower. However, what if the mother-to-be already has other children? Does he or she need to have a full-blown party? Or what if several people are already throwing showers for her? Instead of having a full baby shower party maybe you should consider sending shower invitations for a sprinkles baby shower. While these aren't as grand as traditional showers, they are a great idea for repeat parents.

Showers & Baby Sprinkles: The Difference

\"baby Shower\"

Typically, baby shower invitations are sent to a few dozen guests from both side of the extended family, as well as friends and co-workers. You'll probably also have quite a bit of refreshments and there should be a lot of gifts for the baby. Most of these events are held in public places, such as the party rooms in restaurants or recreational centers at churches or other facilities. The sprinkle baby shower differs a bit.

Sprinkles Baby Shower For Your Next Baby Shower Party

With this type of shower, you're going to want a smaller number of guests. The closest family and friends is really the only people who need to be present. That means you don't have to worry about inviting the extended relatives. You do not have to invite co-workers since they can always have their own celebration. Generally, you'll find these events are more common in a casual setting. The home of the family members is one of the best choices. Of course, refreshments are still possible. But gifts will probably be a lot more practical and won't be quite as prevalent. Most people will assume the parents have held onto some of the bigger items from the older children, such as high chairs.

Now if a lot of time has passed between the births of the children, go ahead and send out regular baby shower invitation. Chances are that those parents need to start over with new everything. However, if the kids are just a couple of years apart, you're better off with the sprinkle option.

Gift Ideas for Baby Sprinkles

If you've opted for having sprinkle baby showers, make sure that idea is reflected in the gift ideas you give guests who call with questions. Gift cards, deposits into college funds, baby bottles, diapers, even bibs and pacifiers are all great gift choices. Some clothes and blankets are also appropriate because no one wants to dress the new baby only in hand-me-down clothes. However, overdoing it on clothes isn't really necessary at a sprinkles baby shower.

With the young siblings of the new baby at the shower, you might also want to think of reminding them about the parties they had before they were born. Have some photos available showing how much people celebrated their arrival, too, so they won't feel left out. You might even want to have them assist you in the planning. They could help decorate cupcakes or stir the punch, for example.

Remember if you decide to have a sprinkles baby shower you want to let the parents-to-be know about the idea.

Sprinkles Baby Shower For Your Next Baby Shower Party

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Baby Shower Thank You Note - Tips And Wording Ideas For Your Shower Thank You Cards

It's time to write each baby shower thank you note, but with so much on your mind the words may be harder to come by. Here are some ideas to make writing your shower thank you cards a snap.

A Few Quick Etiquette and Wording Tips

\"baby Shower\"

o Hand write your thank you notes. Avoid writing more than four thank you notes at a time to keep your handwriting neat.

Baby Shower Thank You Note - Tips And Wording Ideas For Your Shower Thank You Cards

o Always mention the specific gift in your thank yous.

o Use the word "you" more than the word "I" to emphasize your gratitude for your friends and loved ones.

o The host of the baby shower often receives a thank you gift such as candy, a picture frame, or an engraved bracelet or locket.

o Send your baby shower thank you notes within two weeks of the shower in the actual mail. If you're running late, remember, a late thank you card is better than no thank you at all.

Use a poem.

Write your own original poem or use a famous poem from literature to express your thanks. Some people like to write a poem from the baby's point of view or just a short, poem to say thank you. Here a baby shower thank you poem that I wrote. You can use it as a guide or copy into your card: (for your personal non-commercial use only)

I wanted to say thank you.

Daddy says thank you, too.

Baby will say thanks I'm sure

right around when she turns two.

Try a famous quote.

Look up thank you quotes online or in a book of quotations, and add a line of your own. Here is an example:

The quote: "Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness." ~ Richard Bach

Then you add: Thank you for the lovely insert gift, and your wishes of happiness for our growing family.

Use this fill-in-the-blank baby shower thank you note:

Thank you for the choose one: adorable, beautiful, thoughtful insert gift.

Choose one of these for the second sentence:

The baby will love it.

It will definitely come in handy.

Choose one of these lines for the third sentence:

You always pick the cutest gifts.

You are a dear and thoughtful friend.

Then close the letter with, "Thanks again." Sign your letter, "Love" "Sincerely," "Warm Regards," and your signature.

Now you have a variety of ways to share your gratitude with your generous friends. Don't forget. If you're fingers are swollen, you can always have Daddy help you. Congratulations on your growing family!

Baby Shower Thank You Note - Tips And Wording Ideas For Your Shower Thank You Cards

Visit Baby Shower Thank You Notes for free, ready to copy, gift-specific thank you notes, quotes, sayings and free printable thank you cards. Christy Murphy is the creator of She has appeared on numerous radio and television shows including CNN's Showbiz Today, CBS News, and Australia's Seven News.